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Bernardus Johannes Sleijster, more commonly known as Bernard or Berrel, is a dynamic entrepreneur and marketing consultant with a passion for sustainability and wellbeing. His focus is on cleantech and wellness related businesses, and his latest project involves a children's charity called Sleijster4Children.

How David Bowie influenced my life and business

By |Bernardus Sleijster|

Music has played a large role in my life. Especially when growing up, artists like David Bowie were of big impact on my choices and [...]

Is it appropriate to target children through marketing?

By |Children, Marketing|

Young children are the most vulnerable sector of our society. They can’t tell the different between marketing and entertainment, and sadly many companies use that [...]

Health and wellness is not just for middle-aged women

By |Health & Wellness|

When you think of health, wellness, detox and good nutrition, most people come up with a stereotype in their heads that it’s just for middle [...]

Why I believe children should play more sports

By |Bernardus Sleijster, Charity, Health & Wellness|

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My newest project – Sleijster4Children

By |Bernardus Sleijster, Charity|

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Do detox weeks really work

By |Health & Wellness|

If you’ve been living on planet Earth for the last few years, then I’m sure you know of at least a few friends who are [...]