We all know and have personally experienced the massive powers of marketing. Our choice of whether we should buy a burger or eat a salad, or buy an electric car instead of a petrol car is greatly influenced by professionals in the marketing business who do their best to sway consumers in their direction.

But how can we as marketing experts do our best to change the world for the better?

Collaborate with brands we believe in

Personally, I work with companies whose business goals I strongly believe in. For the last few years, for example, I have been consulting and creating marketing strategies for cleantech and wellness and hospitality brands.

Sustainability and health have long been an interest of mine, and through working with these firms, not only am I helping them grow, but I am also helping to spread a good message to the world. A message of renewable energy systems, recycling, nutrition and our general wellbeing.

Create awareness and drive fundraising

There are many problems worldwide that go unnoticed if there is no exposure. Problems like uncommon illnesses, disasters in small cities or start-up charity foundations with a good cause but little recognition.

Through marketing and social media, we are able to spread the word about these issues and help drive fundraising campaigns.

This can be made especially powerful if non-profit causes can be backed up by already famous organisations to help drive traffic and increase support. For example, for World Aids Day, the international company Starbucks donated 10 cents from each beverage sold to the cause. Having only done this in their US and Canadian stores, Starbucks managed to raise $12 million for the campaign.

When brands use their popularity to spread a good message

There are many companies who have used their marketing powers for good. One great example is the Always #LikeAGirl campaign, which seeks to help build self-esteem and confidence in young girls, preciously when those traits are most vulnerable. They turned a phrase that had become an insult (for example, you throw “like a girl”) into an empowering message for young girls and women.

Another popular example is Coca-Cola’s collaboration with WWF, helping protect endangered wildlife and caring for the environment.

So there you have it, marketing isn’t always bad or getting you to buy stuff. There are many ways in which marketing can be used to spread information about good causes and empower us as individuals and consumers.