When you’re starting a new company, there are many things to consider. More likely than not, your resources may be limited, so you write down a list of things that need to get done, in order of priority.

Many people put marketing way down on that list, thinking that spending on-going money to someone who will promote your business may not be worth investing in, or perhaps they see the benefits but don’t know which route to go on. There are so many types of marketing, that it may seem daunting, but trust me, marketing you or your business in the right way can boost your sales, reputation or get your message out there for as many people as possible to see.

Check out your competition

As part of your marketing research, you’re sure to check out businesses similar to yours. This may give you great advantage as you can compare their strategies to yours, figure out what works and how you can position yourself in an even better way.

Get people talking about you

Marketing is mostly about getting your name out there. By regularly popping up on people’s newsfeed, having your face on a billboard or speaking on the radio for people to hear as they drive on the way to work will keep reminding your audience that you exist. Whatever method you choose to market yourself, get people talking about you, make them remember your name.

Create competitions, give discounts and encourage people to engage with your ads. When it feels personal, your audience will interact and share your business with their friends.

Expand your audience through different techniques

Are you selling a product aimed at teenagers? If you’re not using Instagram or Snapchat to market your services, you’re probably missing out on a lot of customers! Try different mediums and ways of marketing your business, depending on the audience you wish to target. Some strategic planning is important here, and this is where marketing experts can come in handy, someone who knows your market and has researched the best ways to reach them.

Collaborate with other businesses

Ask for other companies to endorse you, or create a project together that will be mutually beneficial. Get your friend to write a blog post about you on their website.

This is one of the cheapest ways you can market yourself. For example, if you make beauty products, ask a local spa or health shop to carry them in their store by offering a discount to its members.

Use your personal profile

If you’re a small company and are just starting out, think of your personal social media profiles as your business pages. Whatever you post – others will see. If you market yourself as a photographer, for example, and you post a horrible picture of a half-eaten pizza lying on messy table, your friends may think it’s funny, but they wouldn’t think to call you next time they need a photographer. Make sure that your photos are of professional standards, and then even if you change your cover image, someone may enquire about your services.