Sleijster4Children’s charity event with Bernardus Sleijster in Costa Rica

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September was a great month for the Sleijster4Children charity foundation as the founder, Bernardus Sleijster, and a dedicated group of volunteers held their first children’s sports event in Costa Rica, San Jose.

How my kids made me a better businessman

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I never expected that being a father would have such a massive impact on my life. At times it was fun, at times it was [...]

Top ways to get your kids interested in physical activity

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Children should be getting at least one hour of physical activity per day. That’s an absolute minimum. When I was a kid, we spent so [...]

Is it appropriate to target children through marketing?

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Young children are the most vulnerable sector of our society. They can’t tell the different between marketing and entertainment, and sadly many companies use that [...]

Child education in Latin America

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How to raise your child to become successful

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This is such a huge subject, and one that brings together many aspects of a child’s life. There is of course no magic formula, where [...]