Clean technology, or cleantech, as it’s more commonly known, has shown massive growth in recent years. With new technologies coming out regularly, it’s vital that we market this industry to show it’s full potential. The world needs to see that sustainable energies and a cleaner way of living is the future, but how do we go about promoting that?

Greenbiz wrote an article a while back saying that, “A marketing effort for the nation’s cleantech industries has to be evidence-based, persistent and absolutely everywhere — and it has to be relentless. From paid media to press to social media — images, examples, and interviews need to be racked up like flights out of JFK airport. Beyond green blogs, science pages, and the slices of ephemera used as filler on cable, communications need to be in the business pages, hard-core news, and reaching into red states and blue states.”

What does that mean?

We need to show enough evidence and scientific proof that cleantech is the way of the future. We need to make our audience line up to buy the next electric car model the same way they do for the next iPhone.

Work together

Many individual companies prefer to work and market themselves independently. Of course, some of their reasons for doing so make sense, but in my opinion, a unified front can be greatly beneficial for both parties involved.

When small companies decide to market a product, they are often left invisible due to the sheer amount of businesses out there. However, if you can unite forces with a similar cleantech company, your united power will be stronger.

Think outside the box

Technologies and industries that support clean living are often stereotyped as being feminine, tree-hugging or affordable only to the rich and famous. We need to break these stereotypes by marketing cleantech in totally unique and unexpected way. Say goodbye to the polar bears, the audience has seen enough of them, no matter how cute they are. If we’re going to compete with the big guys who are currently dominating the technology world, we need to take out the big guns.

Stop being so serious

Most cleantech marketing is humourless, dry or just down right depressing. Yes it may trigger some people to react, but your audience will be more willing to listen to you if you make them laugh and keep things positive. Make them listen to the great message that you want to share in a light-hearted and fun way.

Don’t narrow down your niche market

One of the problems with cleantech marketing is that it’s often only aimed at people who already know and support environmentally-friendly technologies. I believe that we should spread the message further. Spread it to communities that have never heard of recycling, get teenagers thinking about how much water they’re using when they’re brushing their teeth every morning. Don’t assume that certain groups of people aren’t going to listen.

Spread your marketing efforts in all sorts of directions. Be everywhere at the right time – do your research. Try different media – print, radio, billboards, social media, blogs, mobile… you may be surprised what people respond to best.